World Sabbath Day 16

World Sabbath School Day

August 2016

Jasmine Frater-Kinjo

Iluangpuii Rajan
In 2014, Harlestone Road Church hosted the first World Sabbath Day. At its core was “Mission” and “Evangelism”. This catalyst remained the same for the subsequent annual event, the overarching theme for 2016 being mission and friendship.
The World Sabbath Day Team encouraged testimonies and world reports from regular visitors and church members. This has ranged from Montserrat to Japan. This year, a friend who originates from South India was contacted by a team member. A general topic was suggested, the statistics of Adventists in the area where they grew up and general knowledge about India. When discussing this general plan, a friend outside the team gently corrected the World Sabbath Day Team members misguidance. “You have the right Country….but the wrong person. “You need to speak to Puii”.
Iluangpuii grew up on what is known as ‘SDA Hill in the Dinthar, Northern India. Within the very same week she was contacted by the World Sabbath School Day Team member – a massive landslide had destabilised her home church. “How did you know?” Puii asked. “I did’nt replied the team member, but the Holy Spirit did. Puii’s testimony follows:
Mizoram is one of the states of Northeast India, with Aizawi as it’s Capital. It is a land of rolling and steep hills, valleys, rivers and lakes. Most villages and towns are located on the steep hill-sides. According to the 2011 Census, Mizoram had just over 1 million people. It used to be a 100% Christian State, but due to migration this figure has now dropped to about 87%.
Our Adventist Denomination is wellknown throughout the State. They differentiate us from others in that we do’nt eat pork, or drink tea or coffee, and these are widely consumed. Several years ago, the government recognised the Adventists and gave us an extra hill, which is now called ‘Seventh-Day Hill’. This is where our School, our Hospital, Main Church and the Conference Headquarters are located.
Back in 1982, a small group of believers began to gather in one of the members home each week, for mid-week prayer meetings and Sabbath Services. This group grew in numbers to about 60 people which Conference recognised along with the members was able to construct a church, made of timber walls and tinned roof. This they completed in 1989.
Over the years church members increased, and the church structure began to become shaky and unstable. For the last 17 years the members have been contributing every month to the building fund in order to replace this church building. With whatever was collected, work began to lay a deeper foundation for a slightly larger structure, alongside the present supports.
However, in the past few months there have been 3 major landslides bringing down   several parts of the existing church and rendering the rest of the building very risky.
Discovering this need, members and visitors of Harlestone Road Church in Northampton have selflessly donated towards this Project.
The members of the Dinthar Church in India are eternally grateful to God for His unexpected miracle and leading, and to the Harlestone Road Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Northampton for their generosity and their timely support on World Sabbath Day. By God’s grace, hopefully one day the Mizoram Seventh-Day Adventist Church will have a safe place to worship.

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