Cogs Clubs 

An Introduction to COGS

Cogs Clubs are for people with mild to moderate dementia. There are clubs in Kent at Ramsgate, Cliftonville, Broadstairs, Birchington. Sandwich, Deal, Dover, New Romey, Sittingbourne, Isle of Sheppey, Maidstone, and Chatham. More are planned. This is a new and innovative programme to assist people with mild to moderate dementia.

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Harlestone Road SDA church recently hosted a presentation by Jacky Tuppen an Admiral Nurse, a Specialist Practitioner and a Dementia Champion. She has encouraged and helped set up 20 “Cogs Clubs” in Kent and Hertfordshire. Cogs Clubs are clubs for people with mild to moderate dementia based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.

The clubs are usually 8?10 members supported by 2 ? 4 volunteers. The clubs run from 10am?3pm and whilst the members are enjoying their stimulating day their significant others are having 5 hours respite. Members pay a weekly subscription, determined by those running the club. (The range is currently £8–22 per member per week).


The typical Cogs Club day is split into 4 distinct sessions interspersed with a refreshment break am and pm and a snack lunch. Each week, three sessions are the same and then one is different, so the preparation is just for that session each week. It looks like this:
1 – Introduction. 2 – Theme (to be prepared). 3 – Movement to music. 4 – Concentration games.
Training for our volunteers will be provided together with a resource manual, master sheets and music CD’s etc. Training will depend on the knowledge of your facilitators / volunteers. If they have no experience of dementia at all or of older people, training would include talking about dementia and communication. It is important to remember members of these clubs have mild to moderate dementia and should not have any problems re behaviours etc.
The Meaning of COGS
For professionals COGS stands for COGnitive Stimulation. Professionals do Cognitive Stimulation Therapy so we continue the stimulation (but not therapy).
For members COGS is a word often used by older people i.e. ‘my cogs are rusty’. ‘I can’t get the cogs to work’ etc. It is non stigmatising. It is a word they are happy to hear and use.
For us, like Jackie when she first started, we were praying for Cogs volunteers.
Calling On God’s Support. If and when we start, we will be praying to be Carrying On God’s Service.
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