AYS Programme
Afternoon program presented by Golden Chords @ 3.p.m..
Hurricane Dorian – Special Collection
There will be a special collection taking place on Sabbath 21st September (midday service) for victims of Hurricane Dorian. The Bahamas specifically has been devastated by this disaster and many families have uninhabitable homes. Please be generous and bring your gift donation towards this cause. All of the monies collected will be going directly towards the work of ADRA in the Bahamas. You are also able to donate directly online at:

Sabbath 21st September
Music emphasis day with THE GOLDEN CHORDS from London,Preacher/soloist will be Elder David Billet from the Croydon SDA Church in London.
Sabbath 28th September
Templemore visit by children, 2:30 – 3.00
ADRA Virtual Gift Box Appeal 2019
The Virtual Gift Box Appeal is in its second year. This year’s appeal will go children in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. These were the three countries that were hit by Cyclone Idai in March of this year and then devastated once again by Cyclone Kenneth a month later. Climate change is affecting the world in a variety of ways and these two natural disasters have displaced nearly 3 million people. When the cameras leave and we no longer see the shots of flooding on our screens and the news reports have moved onto the next political, economic or military challenge in the world, agencies, like ADRA are on the ground, helping those affected by disasters to rebuild their lives.
So, please go to (Note: the website will not be live until 1 September) and fill a box (or two) to assist in rebuilding the lives of the children in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Each box cost ten pounds and the monies donated are sent though to the relevant countries to buy much-needed supplies for the children.
ADRA-UK urgently needs your donations, please continue to support this appeal. You have until Thursday 31st October 2019 to make your annual contribution to the gift box appeal. If you do not have access to the website please speak with a member of the ADRA team who can assist you with making a donation online.
Food Bank Appeal
We are appealing for Church’s support. 
We therefore would appreciate donations of the following items:

Long Life Milk
Tinned Veg (tomatoes, potatoes, sweetcorn)
Honey & Peanut butter

If you would rather donate funds (which we are also very low of) you can donate online to the following account:
Acc No – 43952940 Sort Code – 20-61-55
Q3 Rota
The Q3 rota is now available on the church website & church app. Please take time to check so you can fulfil any coming responsibilities.
Communications Team
Please send any information you need announcing to:
Please view the posters under events on the church website for upcoming events from the NEC.