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Please join us on our Zoom Platform for the following guest preachers dates:

28th November: Pastor Errol Lawrence he is pastor of the East Toronto SDA in Canada.
Message from Pastor Richard Jackson Re: COVID-19

Dear NEC Church Family

Greetings to you from the North England Conference (NEC) Office. Nationally we
have entered into a second and hopefully shorter national lockdown, and we are
aware that this period of lockdown is a more anxious time for many, given the winter
season and the financial implications that this lockdown will bring. Knowing this, we
wish to let you know that we are covering each of you in prayer daily, that our Lord
will keep you all in perfect peace.
We are committed to keeping in contact with you as often as we can about the
decisions that the NEC is making in relation to the re-opening of churches for face to
face worship and how we are managing certain key services during this time.
As you are all aware the NEC churches, in the main, have been closed for face to
face worship since March 2020 and this position remains unchanged.
The current government guidelines however permit the opening of churches for very
limited purposes. These purposes include;
– Broadcasting an act of worship, whether over the internet or as part of a radio or
television broadcast
– To provide essential voluntary services or urgent public support services
(including the provision of food banks, or other support for the homeless or
vulnerable people, blood donation sessions or support in an emergency)
– For childcare which is being provided by a registered individual
We know that many churches are conducting activities in line with the above however
we are imploring you all to adhere strictly to the government guidelines when doing
so and to only carry out these activities if it is absolutely necessary to do.
We also confirm that although we are able to conduct funeral services, we will
conduct the entire service at the graveside as opposed to having a service within a
church to ensure the continued safety and wellbeing of all involved. Further to this
baptisms and weddings in churches are currently prohibited at present.
The global crisis has impacted us all in many ways and the operations of the NEC
are not excluded from this impact. In order to deal with your queries whilst at the
same time manage the new working pattern of the secretariat staff the NEC office
telephone lines are now open during the following times;
Monday to Thursday
10:00am to 12:30pm
13:30pm to 15:00pm
9:00am to 12 noon
Finally, more now than ever we are asking that you support each another, especially
those who are vulnerable or live alone. Our church family members as well as our
community need our support; we have to do our part in maintaining the health and
wellbeing of each other.

Yours sincerely
Pastor Richard Jackson
Pastor & President
Extending God’s Kingdom – Nurturing Each Other and Winning Another
Returning your Tithes & Offerings 
40 DAYS OF PRAYER 26th October – 4th December 2020
The NEC Prayer Ministries department is inviting you and your church family to
join us in 40 Days of Prayer for personal spiritual revival, commencing:
Monday 26th October 2020 to Friday 4th December 2020.
Our 40 Days of Prayer will include the annual Week of Prayer, (7 –14 November 2020) and
leads to our Spiritual Enrichment week, which begins on Sabbath 5-12 December 2020.
The annual Week of Prayer readings can be obtained from the link below:
BUC Revelation Series – Earth’s Final Conflict

The British Union Conference presents an exciting teaching series exploring the biblical truths found in the prophetic book of Revelation. Internationally renowned TV Evangelist, Mark Finley looks at current world conditions within the political, economic, and social realms, to align the spiritual teachings of prophecy to today’s world.

This 13-part series goes into the heart of the biblical book of Revelation providing you with a clear and deeper understanding of the events surrounding the last days in light of the Three Angels Messages of Revelation 14.

Held each week on the BUC News YouTube Channel, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to also create a ‘study bubble’ with your friends and/or family to watch each presentation together followed by a time of discussion. Your study bubble could meet in person (observing social distancing guidelines where they apply) but could also meet virtually if additional government restrictions come into force.

The free lesson guides which can be downloaded here which accompany each night’s topic, will provide further material to assist you in your learning.

The first meeting starts, Friday 16 October at 8pm, then weekly at the same day and time for 13 weeks.

Help ADRA provide Hope & Restoration today
As you are aware the 2020 ADRA Appeal in March/April did not get a chance to succeed due to the nationwide pandemic lockdown. No door-to-door collections were allowed and with churches closed, all the normal fundraising for ADRA came to a sudden halt.
However, this month is the relaunch of the 2020 ADRA Appeal online! We hope that this digital relaunch will help us reach our annual goal to enable us to continue our work both overseas and here at home in the UK.
The digital relaunch will be as simple as sharing our e-tin with your church, friends and family via email, text, whatsapp or any other social media platform.
Please donate online today to help us reach our local and national ADRA target and to continue providing Hope & Restoration through our work both in the UK and overseas. Thank you for supporting our work!

If you have any queries or require online support with making a donate please get in contact with Emel or anyone in our ADRA team.
Vulnerable,lonely,in need

If anyone who finds themselves in any of the above situation or categories to please get in touch with the First Elder Murray Fuller for assistance.
Church Assistance
Dear members, I am writing to inform you know that a certain amount of funds has been put aside for any member or family who have found themselves in great difficulty during this C-19 pandemic.
A team has been set up to assess their circumstances and make a judgment as to how we can be of help to the various member or family.
Please accept that members who are in need from Harlestone Road should contact Bro:Moses or Murray Fuller.
If you are from Highlands you should contact Eder Onesamus or Tuckley twins.
If you are from NISDA please contact elder Yaw Frimpong.
Please note that the foodbank stock is specifically to supply the needs of the community only.
We cannot keep using the foodbank supply for our members when contingency plans have been made.
If a need is identified the four elders with the other nominated individuals will discuss it quickly to see how we can help.
We ask you to please follow these guidelines.
Thank you very much.
Elder Murray.
Church Update
Our resident Pastor Paul Dhanaraj has been placed on furlough and in his absence the first port of call in the pastor’s absence will be our 1st Elder Murray.
If he cannot address any issues he will then contact either Pastor Lloyd Lambert or Pastor Liburd who are the pastor overseeing the Northampton churches.
God Bless.
Food Bank Appeal
The food bank is still going and support is still needed.

If you can give financially,please put in an envelope and mark what it’s for. Or if you wish to make a donation via bank deposit please make it to:
Nat West Bank 
Acc Name: North England Conference SDA Church Bank 
Acc No. : 81989091
Sort Code: 60-15-55
If you’d prefer to bring items,tinned or appropriately packaged that will be also appreciated.

Just bring and we’ll make sure it is delivered.
Communications Team
Please send any information you need announcing to:
Please view the posters under Calendar page on the church website for upcoming events from the NEC.